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New Customer Information

Skyview customers must have an open account. New customers may pre-pay using a Visa, Mastercard or  American Express to expedite first-time business engagement. We can also ship C.O.D.. To open an account, you will need to fill out and submit a Credit Application(below) for approval.

Skyview will give all requests prompt attention.

Ordering Custom Aerial Photography

  • Email/Fax/Mail a USGS quad sheet or quality map (ie Thomas Bros) indicating exact photo centers. Skyview can assist in determining photo centers given a clear outline of the final project area.
  • Indicate project location by providing at least one of the following: Thomas Bros page number; bearing and distance to nearest City, County and State; or WGS coordinates. Faxed quad sheets showing margins (with legible coordinates) are preferred.
  • Fill out flight request form to specify aerial photography requirements in writing: # of flight lines, # of exposures, photo scale, film type, date job is ready to be flown.
  • Indicate what photo lab product(s) and service(s) are required such as: inking specifications; # of contact prints and diapositives; sheet size for enlargements; and/or scanning (resolution).
  • State special requests/rush requirements.

Send us your Map and Flight Request >>

Credit Application/ Flight Request/ Credit Card Payment Forms

Please fill out the credit application section to open an account with Skyview (in Adobe PDF format):

Credit application -- Print/Fax 154kb
Flight request form -- Print/Fax 14kb
Credit card payment form (Visa/ Mastercard/ AMEX) -- Print/Fax 33kb

Our terms are Net 30 Days from the invoice date.


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