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Precision Aerial Photography


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N756EN In Flight

Camera Systems

Leica RC-30 camera (lens serial no. 13425) with 6in. lense cone, forward motion compensation, and automatic exposure control.
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Nikon D5100 DSLR (16 MP) with 55-300mm Lens.


Turbocharged Bonanza B36TC airplane with 21 inch camera port.
Turbocharged Cessna 206 airplane with 23 inch camera port.
Advanced avionics including collision avoidance systems and radar altimeters.
Leica RC30 Aerial Camera System

Printers/Processors and Scanner

Power Mac G5 running AGFA AperTune for image enhancement.
Two EPC electronic dodging printer with both color and black and white heads.
Two AGFA Gevatone black and white processors.
Colex color processor.
Vexcel Ultrascan 5000 photogrammetric scanner.

Airborne GPS

Trimble 5700 survey gps receivers.
Waypoint GrafNav Static/Kinematic Baseline Processing Software.
GPS receivers in both aircraft for precision flight line navigation.
Track-air aerial survey navigation system.
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Precision Aerial Photography